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Mirror, Mirror.

In today’s culture on Instagram and other social media platforms, Hollywood and fashion magazines, we are bombarded with what the world tells us is beautiful. Beauty, it’s said, is more than what we see on the outside, at least that’s what we’ve all heard, and probably said over the years. But do we really believe it?

I’d like to challenge you to look beyond the images and messages that we all take in every day and instead, turn your gaze inward. I’m not just talking about your character and how well you treat others, which of course are very important aspects of our inner beauty reflecting outward. I’d like you to think about how you see yourself.

Being beautiful on the inside and the outside has, for the most part, been driven by how others see us. I believe it is far more important to focus on how we see ourselves. Is this getting a little too personal? I know, it’s hard for me too, because if I’m really honest I don’t see myself as beautiful on the inside or the outside. I tend to only focus on all the things I do wrong or what I see wrong with myself. Today, I am challenging you, and me, to find three things that you like about yourself. There is something beautiful about each and every one of us.

You are more than what you see in the mirror. You are truly a queen. Hold your head up and straighten up your crown. You have purpose in this world. It’s time we all started seeing in our reflections the true beauty and light that exists within each of us.

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